Cryptomerchant account for accepting payments on the website and beyond


Making mutual payments using cryptocurrencies is one of the most secure methods today, as card payments are not always an option due to sanctions. MEEG is one of the largest marketplaces where you can set up your merchant account for cryptocurrency transactions.

Our service will help you make cryptocurrency transactions 24/7 and in the shortest time possible. MEEG.IO is one of the best payment systems.


Online Cryptocurrency Payments


With our payment system, you can both make and accept cryptocurrency payments. Withdrawal and acceptance services are available for both private cardholders and businesses.


MEEG.IO provides the following facilities:


  • You can sell and buy any cryptocurrency on the website: we trade with all cryptocurrencies from the top list (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others);

  • Flexible tariff system for different businesses;

  • We guarantee complete anonymity of your account: your personal information will not be available to third parties.


By choosing MEEG.IO, you choose reliability.


Accept or make crypto transactions with MEEG.IO


MEEG.IO is designed to accept your cryptocurrency payments and also receive payments from other users at the set exchange rate.

Here are the benefits of creating a merchant account on MEEG.IO:


  • Cryptocurrency market development;

  • Instant payment processing;

  • Round-the-clock competent technical support;

  • Low and fully transparent commissions for all payments.


One of our advantages is a ready-to-use payment module: use forms builder and install payment acceptance on your website in a few minutes.


MEEG.IO for business


MEEG.IO is the right choice for any online business. Our gateway is easy to integrate into any website, online shop, online game site, or any other type of business. You can greatly increase sales conversion of your products by adding cryptocurrency payments to your website.


The advantages of online payment with MEEG.IO


We offer 24/7 online services for buying and selling Crypto-currencies with minimal fees. All online accounts and companies can participate in the process.


Connecting clients to the MEEG.IO system means:


  • Making payments in the most popular cryptocurrencies for any company or individual customer;

  • Billing: you can bill in any cryptocurrency through your merchant account to any company or customer;

  • Bulk payouts: you can accept and withdraw crypto from your merchant account in bulk to your bank account either automatically or manually;

  • Minimal moderation in our company: we don't require additional documents when you create your merchant account with us. Your email and bank card details will be enough for a withdrawal;

  • No refunds (unlike banks) - all rights to your funds, regardless of currency, belong exclusively to you. Your cryptocurrency cannot be frozen by our company. Refunds can only be made by you personally.

  • Detailed statistics for all activity from your merchant: using our website, you can track the history of all payments and withdrawals through your merchant id.


Single Click Payment Form for Paying Invoices


All customers can clearly see how much they have paid and for what. Purchase and sale are instant. The service adapts to all devices, browsers, and payment systems.


Get connected fast


Register your merchant account quickly and easily, then integrate the system into your websites. It's available for private clients and companies.