Acceptance of TUSD payments

Cryptocurrency transactions - payment acceptance in particular - are becoming increasingly popular these days. Cryptocurrencies are used to make trades, investments, and even donations to charities.

Many investors store their assets not in rubles or dollars but in Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum. Although this type of currency is not yet federally approved, it has many different advantages.

TrueUSD and Stablecoins. What are they?

A special sub-species of cryptocurrency are called stable coins (or stablecoins) - cryptocurrencies whose exchange rate is pegged to some fiat currency or other form of currency, such as gold. This stabilizes them and greatly reduces their volatility.

This category includes the likes of:
In this article, we will talk about TrueUSD

TrueUSD is a dollar-linked cryptocurrency issued by the TrastToken platform. It ensures that your assets are fully backed by fiat money. The TrueUSD system has great convenience and low fees. If you have a KYC/AML certificate, you can exchange this cryptocurrency for fiat money. The creators of TrueUSD plan to create similar stablecoins tied to other world currencies, such as the euro or Japanese yen.

Accept TrueUSD via MEEG

The MEEG.IO cryptocurrency payment gateway allows you to easily transfer and receive funds in various cryptocurrencies, including not only TrueUSD but also Bitcoin, Ethereum, BUSD, USD Coin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tether, and many others. Our services allow you to quickly, conveniently and securely accept payments from clients. And our fees are among the lowest.

We also have a special section dedicated to analytics, where you can easily track the movement and storage of your funds. With MEEG's security system, you don't have to worry about account blocking, hacking, or any other threats. Your cryptocurrency capital will always be protected.

To successfully accept cryptocurrency payments, you will need to register your own account at MEEG. You can find out more about how our platform works from our support page, which is also available on our website. You can ask a question to our knowledgeable and skilled experts, and they will be happy to answer it for you. For example: "What rights do cryptocurrency investors have?", "Is TrueUSD for sale on Moscow Exchange?", "Can I transfer cryptocurrency funds to Tinkoff Capital card?" etc.

The MEEG payment system will allow you to accept and send any cryptocurrency payments without any problems!