Accepting Zcash (ZEC) payments

According to many business intelligence sources, interest in cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly every day. More and more cryptocurrency ATMs are opening. Many countries are introducing the currency into their state circulation. Large-scale business owners are arranging payments in DASH, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies around the world.

One of the most promising cryptocurrencies today is Zcash. You can use it to make payments in online shops, receive online payments, make money online, and much more. Technology has long stepped forward, and the use of cryptocurrency has become popular with both individuals and large business owners.

On the Internet, many services offer online cryptocurrency payment services. One of the most reliable services with favorable exchange rates is MEEG.

What are the benefits of Zcash cryptocurrency?

Zcash is a relatively novel open source cryptocurrency. It was developed in 2016 to provide privacy for transactions. You could say it was the new money in the crypto world. The monetary transactions that the sender makes on the network are published in the public domain without specifying the sender, the recipient, or the amount being transferred.

Zcash cryptocurrencies can be used for the following solutions:
The high level of anonymity of this currency is noted by many. Foreign organizations and individuals accept donations in Zcash and also recognize it as a worthy alternative to the well-known bitcoin for accepting payments. Other popular anonymous cryptocurrencies include a dash. Litecoin or Ethereum, on the other hand, cannot boast of such properties.
How MEEG works

MEEG is a cryptocurrency payment aggregator with which you can quickly and securely make payments in any cryptocurrency. We take care of the security of our user's personal data and also offer the lowest transfer fee. With our gateway, you can easily set up payment acceptance on your web site in any available cryptocurrency, be it Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, or others.

On our website, you can read posts from other users about connecting to the service, making payments, the functioning of transfers within the company, and many other nuances. Major bloggers often post reviews on the website. If you want to find something specific faster, use the "tags" option in the "Search" tab.

You can use the MEEG gateway after a quick registration process:


The MEEG service has an intuitive API that even a newbie can set up. Enabling payment acceptance for any website is quick and easy. All you have to do is open reviews on the website to see them.
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