Acceptance and disbursement of funds in ICOs, preICOs, IGOs, NFTs, Metaverse

The unique MEEG online gateway is an online platform for accepting and exchanging virtual payments. The project accepts funds at favourable rates with minimal fees. Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular on various online projects not only in Russia, but all over the world. Connecting the MEEG system is an excellent solution in terms of business development.


After creating your own account on the MEEG project website, you will have access to fast withdrawals and accelerated payments.


Creating a system to protect investments in ICOs, preICOs, IGOs, NFTs, Metaverse


Globex Bank, RAKIB and the Crowdhub service worked together to create a mechanism to protect investments in ICOs. This is a service which gives the opportunity to place tokens in Russia. Thanks to the work of this project, companies will not need to monitor the distribution of funds, the entire process will be controlled by the system.


RACIB director (Arseniy Scheltsin) and head of e-commerce development department of Globex Bank (Alexander Mineev) shared the following information with journalists: the main principle of the new service will be guaranteed investments in small cryptocurrency companies from various investors. The project will work through Crowdhub. It is the platform of RACIB vice-president (Denis Dushnov) and a group of other founders.


The investors themselves will oversee the spending and the progress of implementation. If they are satisfied with how the project is developing, they can vote to transfer the accumulated funds to that company's account. If the majority of investors do not support the project, all funds are transferred to the investors.


After the ICO statistics have been reviewed, the shortcomings and other nuances are corrected.


Transferring funds via MEEG


MEEG is one of the cryptocurrency wallets through which cryptocurrencies are accepted and given away. This project facilitates fundraising - ICOs, closed and private rounds. It works with various types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Lightcoin, etc.

The MEEG service is a profitable platform. It is used in the following industries:


  • For small businesses;

  • For medium sized businesses;

  • For big businesses;

  • State-owned companies.

MEEG is a gateway for organizing cryptocurrency acceptance and payments in various programs. It will take you a few minutes to get your platform up and running. It is one of the most accessible and popular platforms, thanks to which you can make money transactions not only in Russia. All over the world, the project is actively used.


By choosing MEEG, you are stepping into the future.


How to work with MEEG Crypto-gateway


The MEEG gateway is quite easy to operate.


The following steps are required to get you started:


  • Register and log in;

  • Add your shop or any other service;

  • Accept payments as soon as you add your project.

While working with this service, you won't have to waste time checking your documents. You will be able to withdraw your funds stored in your account quickly and absolutely securely. MEEG is a great solution for growing your small or large business.