Acceptance of NEAR payments

In Russia, more and more people prefer to pay for services and purchases using a plastic card rather than cash. New developments are beginning to appear in this area to make payment easier. You have probably seen people paying for their purchases in a shop or for transport by holding a smartphone or an electronic bracelet to a terminal instead of a card.

This is made possible by NFC (Near Field Communication). We'll talk about what it is and how to use it below.

What is Near

Near, or Near Field Communication (NFC), is a special type of short-range wireless communication that allows different kinds of information to be transferred from one mobile device to another without using the Internet.

Entrepreneurs, of course, are interested in the fact that contactless payments can be made using NFC technology. It does not even have to be a phone: NFC is used in electronic bracelets, rings, and key chains. This technology is used for payment systems that are popular in Russia: Google pays, Apple pay, and Samsung Pay.

The advantages for users are obvious: there is no need to carry cash or plastic cards, and it is possible to make a purchase at any point of sale because we always have our phones with us.

When paying for services and goods using contactless payment, you don't have to fear that your payment will be intercepted by fraudsters for several reasons:
Distance is so important that the terminal, which accepts contactless payment, has a special badge showing the location of the antenna.
How to accept Near payment

The obvious answer is through a terminal with the appropriate module. But the NFC module is so compact that it can also be installed on the phone. By downloading the app, you get a device that is both a payment acceptance terminal and remains a smartphone with all the features. You will be able to accept payments with your smartphone by using the "Acquiring in Smartphone" app. By using the Smartphone Acquiring app, the entrepreneur receives the funds into his current account immediately.

In addition, a so-called NFC tag with the SBP quick payment link can be affixed to the body of the phone. The tag is a sticker with a microchip that can be programmed with the right commands.

Pay by QR code

QR code payment is also made available through NFC. A QR code has to be downloaded from the bank's app and placed in a convenient location. The task of the buyer is to scan the code with the payment link and confirm the payment.

How the payment data is recorded

Online cash registers exist for this purpose. The online cash register automatically transmits the data over the Internet at the moment of payment. In order to start using an online cash register, you need to download an app, such as SoftPos. Then you can accept payments directly with your smartphone. This is a convenient, albeit unconventional, solution if you do not have a fixed point of sale.

Thus, Internet acquiring allows you to accept payments from virtual cardholders and e-wallet holders who do not have physical plastic cards.

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