International payment gateway


Modern technology is making online payments between buyers and sellers increasingly simple and convenient. Every day, new technological products appear that are ready to offer you the most efficient solutions.


In this article, we will explain the possibilities of a universal solution for an international payment gateway.


Payment gateways 101


It is a special service that can be used to automate bank card transactions and secure payments between a merchant and a buyer. A series of processes are performed, from processing and verification to accepting or rejecting payments. You conduct any transaction online.


The technical structure of the international payment gateway allows the merchant to accept online payments, which are made via bank cards of different banks and even countries.


International payment gateways are a kind of intermediaries between buyers and sellers. All transactions are securely protected by various security protocols. The system accepts the payment and transfers it to the merchant's bank account.


The payment gateway reliably protects the confidentiality and anonymity of the customer. Data such as credit card numbers or other sensitive account information is encrypted by the system to prevent unauthorized access.


In other words, the payment gateway is a virtual counterpart to the physical POS terminal that every regular business has.


International payment gateway pros


So, we have understood what an international payment gateway is. Why should you connect your online shop to it? Whatever products or services your website sells, payment gateway payments will be a profitable solution for your business.


Pros of an international payment gateway


  • Reliable protection of your customers' online payments from fraudulent activity. In e-commerce, not all websites can protect their customers' financial information properly. Consequently, online purchases may not always be safe for customers. Fraudsters can gain access to a customer's account and bank card details and then conduct unauthorized transactions. Such actions cost you not only money but also damage the reputation of your business. To avoid such unpleasantness, you need to verify your transactions carefully. An international payment gateway is a great solution for ensuring secure transactions for your customers. Proof of payment security can be, for example, PCI DSS Level 1 certification, which is accepted by many payment systems.

  • An extended customer base for your business. Payment gateways give your business access to customers from all over the world. Your customer base grows accordingly.

  • Opportunity to integrate with your shopping cart. In the vast majority of cases, payment gateways give customers software to integrate gateways with the shopping cart in their online shop. This greatly simplifies the purchasing and payment process. The customer only needs one click to select goods or services, add them to the shopping cart, and complete the checkout. At the same time, the full price of the goods, the calculation of sales tax, and even the cost of delivery services are calculated without the intervention of an employee.

  • Fast transaction. Manual data processing is a rather tedious process. A payment gateway automates and, therefore, significantly speeds up the payment process on the website. The buyer doesn't have to spend a lot of time paying for the purchase.

  • Round-the-clock gateway operating hours. A payment gateway gives your customers 24/7 access to the products on your website. Customers can make purchases and payments at any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world.

  • Multi-currency support. The international payment gateway supports multiple currencies, making the conversion process much easier. Conversion takes into account current market exchange rates.


In this way, payment gateways save time and money for your customers.


The technology of the International Payment Gateway is a rather simple four-step process:


  • Customer entry of personal data. Having chosen the desired product or service, the client enters their bank card data on the payment page. The entered information is sent to the secure payment gateway.

  • Authentication. After the payment gateway receives the customer data, the authentication of the information begins. The gateway verifies that the customer really is the owner of the bank card from which the payment will be made to the merchant.

  • Authorization. At this stage, the transaction is either confirmed or rejected by the issuing bank or the customer's card. A message will be sent to the merchant about the result of the authorization.

  • Full settlement. The final stage of the payment gateway. The transaction information is verified by the bank, after which the bank performs the payment through the payment gateway. After these transactions, the payment gateway settles with the merchant.


Seems complicated and time-consuming? Actually, it is not at all. The entire payment process is fully automated and takes only a few seconds. The customer will not even notice the time.


MEEG international payment gateway


The MEEG company offers quality services of an affordable, comfortable, efficient, and secure platform for international payment processing. To build a successful e-commerce sales business, the ability to accept online payments in cryptocurrency all over the world is essential. It gives you a virtually unlimited customer base and opportunities to grow your business.


The MEEG company provides its clients with a full-service international payment gateway and state-of-the-art security system both in the app and in your favorite browser.


Services and benefits of MEEG.IO:


  • The International Payment Gateway of our platform will provide you with both direct receipt of payments in cryptocurrencies and payments via electronic payment systems, MOTO payments, and other convenient types.

  • MEEG helps online merchants to accept online payments of any kind worldwide without conversion fees.

  • Our international payment gateway is one of the most reliable and efficient services.

  • Our specialists can design a payment page for your sales website. Your customers would not even know they were redirected to another website. This can increase consumer confidence and boost conversion rates.

  • The payment page will appear correctly on both the website and the app on any buyer's device. Regardless of what your shoppers use (tablet, smartphone, or computer, CPU doesn't matter either), our international payment gateway will handle payments seamlessly. Your buyers will also be able to choose any payment system they like.

  • Our company gives you the possibility to customize the payment page according to your requirements. You will be able to add your website's logo, change the button layout or page background, and add additional fields for the customer to fill in.


If you run one of the e-commerce companies that want to accept online payments worldwide, MEEG will be able to offer you the most suitable solutions. We operate in many European countries and will make the sales process as comfortable as possible for you and your customers. Don't waste your time looking for payment services, contact MEEG!


Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Contact MEEG, and our staff will answer all your questions.