How to accept cryptocurrency payments on a website or online shop


Cryptocurrency is a promising means of payment. Its popularity is only gaining momentum. Not so long ago, users got the opportunity to accept payments for goods in cryptocurrency at an online shop. Today, this is no more difficult than paying with regular money.


We will tell you how to accept cryptocurrency payments on the website of any online shop and which payment systems are the safest and most convenient in this article.


Cryptocurrency payment features


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that cannot be touched. Its data cannot be copied, and counterfeiting of this currency is absolutely excluded. The creation of cryptocurrency is done digitally, which has nothing to do with cash or a bank account. All monetary transactions are done via blockchain without the involvement of banks. Payments are made without user details. The absolute security of electronic wallets against hacking makes cryptocurrency a secure means of payment.


Crypto payment business benefits


The use of cryptocurrency payments is growing rapidly around the world. It is very beneficial for businesses as customers can choose the most convenient payment option. In addition, crypto processing attracts new, more affluent customers who prefer to pay for goods in cryptocurrency. 


The advantages of cryptocurrency payments include the following:


  • All cash transactions related to cryptocurrency are completely secure. All data is strictly confidential.

  • Cryptocurrency payments will have a much lower fee than a bank card payment.

  • Cryptocurrencies are not monitored by banks or tax authorities.

  • Cryptocurrency cannot be refunded or canceled.


Payment with any cryptocurrency has no limitation for the owner of the online shop. The currency can be exchanged for any other currency, and your online wallet can be used as a virtual money storage facility. Cryptocurrency rates can rise significantly, and then it will be a major asset.


How to pay with cryptocurrency on the website


Any website can be set up to allow cryptocurrency payments. Accepting such a payment is called crypto processing. Crypto Processing is a well-researched process for accepting cryptocurrency payments. With it, any online shop will be able to increase its sales and drive traffic to the site. Crypto Processing is used not only by online shops, but by various services, such as travel agencies, ticket offices, etc., can also accept cryptocurrency payments.


To pay for a product or service in cryptocurrencies, you need to go to the company's website and click on the link that the cryptocurrency service has created. This will indicate the specific amount transferred into crypto. A limited time is given for payment (no more than 15 minutes), as the cryptocurrency rate is unstable and can change dramatically in a short period of time.


On a gambling site, payments are handled differently. Here you can log into your personal account and deposit your own account for any amount. There is no time limit for the transactions here. Payments are accepted in less than a minute. At the same time, the payment process by bank card can take a day.


Which cryptocurrency can be used to pay online


MEEG Crypto Processing can be done with different types of cryptocurrencies. However, for your website, it is best to connect to accept payments in the most popular cryptocurrencies.


Options for the most commonly used cryptocurrencies:


  • Bitcoin is the most common cryptocurrency in the global digital currency market. Its main operating principle is to make payments. Bitcoin has many advantages. It has a high demand among users around the world, and the rate is constantly growing. This cryptocurrency is not only easy to buy online but also in various slot machines. Bitcoin is the most trusted cryptocurrency.

  • Bitcoin cash - has been around since 2017. It is based on bitcoin to reduce the load on the network and speed up the payment system. The emergence of this cryptocurrency has led to lower fees. To some extent, Bitcoin cash has similarities to Bitcoin, but it also has its own advantages. These include faster transactions, easier mining, and improved payment system security.

  • Ethereum is not just a virtual currency but also a platform where smart contracts are made. Initially, cryptocurrency was intended for companies that offer financial services, insurance, and logistics solutions. However, Ethereum began to be used for investing in various little-known companies. Thanks to the work of this platform, there are prospects for major IT companies. The advantages of Ethereum are transparency and availability of transactions, a unique technical solution, and the ability to receive and transfer payments quickly. Ethereum also has smart contracts, making cryptocurrency increasingly popular.

  • Litecoin (Litecoin) - was developed in 2011 as an improved version of Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency removed many of the problems that Bitcoin had. There are more blocks, the transaction speed has increased (payments are made much faster), and the platform's protection against hacking has been strengthened. The rest of the cryptocurrency's parameters are the same as Bitcoin's. The advantages of LightCoin are good tolerance to various workloads, fast payment and acceptance of crypto, and fast blockchain formation.

  • Ripple is a unique payment acceptance platform for large business owners. This cryptocurrency is very user-friendly. It is a non-decentralized currency that has several advantages. Namely the high speed of accepting payments and transferring funds to the online shop from the customer. In addition, Ripple can be exchanged for gold or any stock with minimal fees.

  • Tether - used on the Ethereum blockchain. This cryptocurrency is dependent on the dollar exchange rate. Advantages of Tether include the ability to exchange it quickly for cash and the stability of the exchange rate.


Absolutely any cryptocurrency can be used to pay for any goods and services.


What you can buy with cryptocurrencies


A few years ago, not many people knew about the existence of cryptocurrency. However, the world doesn't stand still and is getting more advanced every day. Scientists are making various discoveries; there are new devices, buildings, etc.


Cryptocurrency has recently become known to many, and every day there is more and more interest in it from ordinary people who are eager to develop. These days, cryptocurrency can be used to pay for many goods like furniture, food, and vehicles. In some countries, you can pay with crypto for any service.


What is crypto processing?


Crypto Processing is the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments for any goods and services. That way, you can interest customers not only in your country but around the world as well.


The main advantages of crypto processing:


  • The ability to accept international payments. Using cryptocurrency as a payment is easier than using a bank card.

  • It is the most secure method of payment. There are no blocked accounts.

  • No need to register an IE. Anyone of any nationality can use cryptocurrency payments. Cryptocurrency payments can be made from anywhere in the world as long as you know your account and email details.


Crypto Processing is performed on a special platform for buying, selling, and exchanging virtual currencies among users all over the world. Experience in crypto gives more opportunities to develop new and unique projects. Maintaining cryptocurrency payments in your online shop is a great solution to attract new customers from different countries.


How to transfer cryptocurrency funds between accounts


Transferring funds from one of your accounts to another requires a few simple steps.


To do so, you need to:


  • Register on the platform;

  • Convert the currency;

  • Wait for verification;

  • Receive virtual currency from the buyer;

  • Send the amount received to your online wallet;

  • Confirm payment processing.


There are many advantages to using these payment systems, one of which is that the buyer pays a commission. The seller here does not have to spend any amount from his account. And this only confirms the benefits of connecting a cryptocurrency payment.


How to enable cryptocurrency acceptance for payments on the website


If you run any business, you must have a modern website with a user-friendly interface and various features.


In order to create the possibility of a payment in cryptocurrency on the website, you need to follow these steps:


  • Create a wallet and provide a link to it in the payment options. However, for some reason, the payments will not be able to display the purchased goods.

  • By creating a payment instrument. The cost of its development is quite high, so do not expect it to pay off quickly.

  • By setting up cryptocurrency payment acceptance through outsourcing.


Using a state-of-the-art MEEG gateway, you can set up cryptocurrency acceptance on your website. The currency transfer process will be as convenient and secure as possible.


The way the service works is as follows:


  • The user clicks the "Payment" button and is automatically redirected to the cryptocurrency service platform.

  • It will be possible to pay in any of the digital currencies that are represented on the website.

  • Once the details are received, the crypto exchange rate is fixed, and within a certain time, the buyer will have the option to pay for the goods.

  • Once the payment is made, the service controls the receipt of funds into the seller's account.


A verified platform needs to be installed for the transaction to be successful.


How to connect the MEEG gateway


Growing a business is quite a complex process that requires attention and flexible thinking. Connecting your MEEG platform will allow you to make a positive impact on the development of your business.


To connect the gateway, you will need the following:


  • Registering on the MEEG website.

  • Specify the cryptocurrencies in which payments can be accepted from buyers.

  • Payments will come into the generated account, from where the seller can convert them into cash or send them to their digital wallet. Automatic funds transfer can also be set up here.


Cryptocurrency payments are a way to increase sales and grow your business. With MEEG, you can improve your service and increase your profits.


What is required from an online shop to set up cryptocurrency payments?


Nowadays, it is very profitable to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. See below for how to do it.


The following steps are required to set up a gateway:


  • Create and confirm your account on the MEEG platform. You will not need to enter data from any documents for this purpose. All you need is your email and a desire to improve your business.

  • Create projects and describe them. Go to your personal office after you have completed your registration, and fill in the form provided. This should include information about your online shop (link to the shop itself, link to the page where you can choose how to pay for the goods, etc.).

  • Indication of how to connect to the website. This can be done using the website content management system or via a structured API.


The whole connection process will take about an hour. From here on, you will be able to use the platform without any obstacles. The MEEG payment system is easy to connect to. Once connected, it opens up new opportunities that can positively impact your business.


MEEG benefits


Connecting MEEG is necessary to receive cryptocurrency funds without any hassle. With this system, there is no need to verify the identity of the user. Paying in cryptocurrency is much easier than using a bank card.


The main advantages of the MEEG platform are:


  • Each user is provided with a personal account. An email address is required to create one. With this gateway, you can pay for purchases, accept transfers from other users, and exchange currencies.

  • If you wish, you can install a special application that will allow you to purchase cryptocurrencies with a regular bank card.

  • The MEEG gateway can work with all types of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Etherium, Lightcoin, etc.).

  • A simplified virtual funds transfer system.


The MEEG platform can be reached from any device and from anywhere in the world. You can open the application at home, in transport, in your office, or hotel while you are on vacation.