A cryptocurrency trading account for your business


If you want to set up a cryptocurrency trading account for your own business activity, you will find a lot of important and useful information in our article. Cryptocurrency has long been part of our lives and has become an integral part of the global economy. Today, it continues to grow in popularity and is gaining more and more ground in the financial and commercial spheres.


Cryptocurrencies are used for trading goods and services and having their own market and exchange, as well as a full-fledged terminology language.


How popular is cryptocurrency?


Business owners who closely follow current trends and financial exchange news no longer see cryptocurrency transactions as anything out of the ordinary. On the contrary, it is becoming more and more commonplace for them. Many of them use large amounts of cryptocurrency for their work and make huge profits from it.


Creating your own cryptocurrency gateway account can be done in many different ways - for example, at MEEG.IO. Gateways offer the ability to convert cryptocurrency into traditional, or so-called fiat, money.


Until recently, we heard about cryptocurrency solely in connection with news about its fluctuating rates. It was something new, unknown, and little understood. But now, various types of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others) are widely used for trading, investing, trading, and other financial transactions.


In almost every country in the world, you can get a debit card wallet with bitcoins or another cryptocurrency instead of RUB or USD. With such an account, you can not only cash out money at an ATM but also make purchases from online shops.


The use of such assets opens up a great opportunity to support business development, which is definitely worth taking advantage of. Especially since, as mentioned above, many experienced business owners have long been using cryptocurrencies to sell their goods and services. They accept payments, make investments, and convert cryptocurrencies into traditional cash in their accounts.


Cryptocurrency trading account specs


As cryptocurrency’s hype has grown, there has been an increased demand both for additional service providers and new opportunities, markets, and uses for these funds. For example, the need for merchants to accept cryptocurrencies for their goods and services has grown significantly.


Cryptocurrency trading account providers deserve special attention. They will provide you with a great opportunity to seamlessly accept cryptocurrency payments, as well as comprehensive support.


For those who are planning to grow their business, we recommend taking a closer look at specialized cryptocurrency payment systems.


This type of system not only creates the cryptocurrency trading account itself but also provides non-trivial processing solutions that can fully meet your needs.


The main advantage of this type of account is that you will not need to convert the cryptocurrency yourself because a dedicated service will do it for you. This ensures that your bank account will be credited with the funds already in the traditional currency.


What is Fiat money?


The classic currencies we are used to, such as the rouble, the dollar, and the euro, are called fiat currencies. The term comes from the Latin word fiat, which translates as "let it be." Essentially, this currency came into being because the various authorized organizations made a decision to do so by issuing decrees to that effect. For instance, the euro became the single European currency after the decree was issued by the European Central Bank. It is clear that this decision was not taken without a reason but after years of careful planning and preparatory processes. Nevertheless, it was with this document that the euro was put into circulation.


This is how fiat currencies came into being. Of course, not all of them appeared in such a relatively short period of time as the euro. Most have evolved over the centuries.


Each of the fiat currencies is backed by the government with the help of the Fed. In theory, it can back it up with its own gold reserve.


Unlike fiat money, cryptocurrency is not subject to such control by the authorities. On the contrary, it is controlled in a decentralized way by multiple PCs located in many different countries.


Exchanges value cryptocurrency purely on the basis of supply, demand, and scarcity. Demand for it is generated by those users for whom it is a high-value payment method and those who receive remittances from people trading different types of cryptocurrencies.


What causes the popularity of bitcoins?


Bitcoin (BTC) can literally be called the most popular cryptocurrency. There are two main reasons why Bitcoin is so popular: security and privacy.


  • Security


The security level of Bitcoin transfers is many times higher than that of fiat money transfers. As we mentioned before, cryptocurrency networks are highly decentralized, counting many computers in different parts of the world. The blockchain system reliably protects transactions and funds in cryptocurrency wallets from tampering and theft. Due to the nature of the technology, they cannot be tampered with, which guarantees the authenticity of all payments.


  • Privacy


When making transactions in Bitcoin, the user does not provide any personal information, which allows them to remain completely anonymous.


Will cryptocurrency displace credit cards?


A couple of decades ago, it was unimaginable that "cash" would be almost completely superseded by payment cards. And, in the view of no small number of experts, cryptocurrencies will soon supplant them as well.


So what are the advantages of a cryptocurrency wallet compared to a plastic card?


  1. Better security


Cryptocurrency transfers minimize the likelihood of users' payments being counterfeited, which is quite high with credit cards.


Traditional payment accounts are vulnerable to data theft. These typically occur during the course of a trade, when a purchase is made, or a card is presented to a reader for a transaction. Although it only lasts a few seconds, this may be enough time for your data to be captured.


Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, allows you to secure your money. Cryptocurrency payments do not use personal data at all, making it physically impossible to steal.


All required information is encrypted in a blockchain that cannot be reversed. It cannot be hacked either, as it has no single center.


  1. Exchanging without a fee


It's no secret that companies such as MasterCard and Visa usually charge a fee for exchanging or even depositing money, making a big profit from it. In contrast, bitcoin exchanges are mostly commission-free. The only exception is some of the platforms, whose fees are no more than one percent. Naturally, these fees are not commensurate with those paid by fiat card users.


Cryptocurrency trading account pros


Today, traditional credit cards are still in demand, with around two hundred million people in the United States alone using them.


But more and more people are switching from using them to other forms of payment. Of course, this is mainly because of the fear of getting into significant debt, but it is not the only reason.


Other reasons include the following:


  • High-interest rates;

  • High-interest rates; An abundance of charges;

  • The risk of lowering one's credit rating;

  • The smallest amount of payments that can be misleading;

  • Many pitfalls.


After all, the process of using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies requires nothing more than a stable Internet connection.


MEEG.IO gives you an excellent opportunity to open a trading account in various cryptocurrencies. It's very easy to do, and our terms are among the most convenient and advantageous on the market. If you have any questions, please send us an email, and our support team will be happy to advise you, assist you and make it easy for you to find the information you need. The address can be found on our website. Welcome to MEEG.IO!